Practical Guideline on Press Releases for Apps Provided by Press Release Jet

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LOS ANGELES, CA – 8/10/2018 — Press Release Jet issued a step-by-step practical guideline for software developers who are looking for guidance on publicity and marketing for their apps. The guidelines can be found on Press Release Jet’s website. They have useful information in regards to correct formatting and effective crafting of press releases specifically for the purpose of making announcements about new Apps of product updates.

Every developer wants the press release for their App to stand out among the other hundreds releasing every day. These articles emphasize mainly on that, along with information on how developers can market a new mobile app or software within their limited timeframe and budget. Also, important advice in regards to the steps of creating a press release focused on getting positive attention from the media is given in these articles.

In this modern era, countless useful apps are being released every day. But their success will only come through proper marketing and publicity. The announcement of launching a new app to reach the potential users in an efficient way can be challenging. A hefty amount of investment is often made by developers on the resources in developing an app. However, they are facing hindrance afterward at the time of publicizing it.

As stated in the opening article: But how will the public know about your great new app? How can you get their attention? After all, they do not mind readers and they won’t know how great your app is unless someone tells them. Some developers hire a PR expert to do this for them, but small companies may not have much of a PR budget for that.”

The articles provide guidelines specifically for publicizing software, mobile apps, and product launches. The articles can be found Here.

In addition to providing press release distribution services, Press Release Jet offers practical how-to articles on a variety of topics related to writing effective press releases, including how to format a press release correctly and how to optimize high-volume keywords.

The company distributes to Premium media outlets, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, in addition to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google News and Bing News. They provide their Premium Service for prices as low as $69, with the option of a Premium Pro Press Release Distribution for $129. This makes Press Release Jet an attractive option for entrepreneurs and small businesses who have a limited budget.


Anyone who is interested in making a press release distribution can approach a chat agent or call Press Release Jet during their business hours with any questions. They are encouraged to visit


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