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In keeping with the Pro Maverick Consultants commitment to giving, the team completed a charitable project during Women's History Month. The firm's President discussed the cause, along with the many benefits of philanthropy.

Press Release updated: Apr 27, 2018 09:00 EDT

MYRTLE BEACH, SC , April 27, 2018 – “We contribute to giving efforts throughout the year, and our project for Women's History Month has been extra special,” said Cierra, the President of Pro Maverick Consultants. “We all downloaded the Charity Miles app to raise money for our chosen nonprofit – Girl Up. The tool helps us log the miles we walk and run every day in March, and we donate 25 cents for each one.”

Just as they do every month, the team members discussed which nonprofit to support. They collectively decided to act on behalf of Girl Up, which partners with the United Nations. The organization funds programs all over the world, with the purpose of giving girls more opportunities for safety, learning, healthy living, plus social and economic well-being. 

“Helping people in need is important for Pro Maverick Consultants because we want to make a difference when we're doing well,” Cierra added. “This is a great opportunity for us to give back to a foundation while also building our team. We enjoy the benefits of competition, and creating impact through Charity Miles allows us to compete in a positive way that helps those around us. The individual who logs the most miles in a month will receive a prize in addition to the self-satisfaction he or she gains from giving.”

“We contribute to giving efforts throughout the year, and our project for Women's History Month has been extra special



Pro Maverick Consultants President Highlights the Business Outcomes of Philanthropy

Although the primary purpose of the Pro Maverick Consultants charitable commitment is to enhance the community, Cierra pointed out that it also drives favorable business outcomes. For example, it facilitates relationship-building. Whenever the team members contribute to a philanthropic event, they meet likeminded individuals who make valuable network contacts. By spending time away from the office and doing meaningful work together, the team members strengthen their connections with each other as well.

“Our presence in the community also boosts the image of our company,” Cierra concluded. “We show others that we aren't simply talk; we follow through on our commitments and genuinely care about the causes and people in our region. As a result, consumers and business leaders are likelier to engage with us and talented individuals are eager to join our ranks. Those who do join us feel fulfilled by their careers and are inclined to stay on board for the long term. Everyone wins!”

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