Proteases Market: Worldwide Industry Analysis and New Market Opportunities Explored

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Albany, NY — 02/06/2018 — A protease, also called a proteinase or peptidase, is an enzyme which performs proteolysis. The enzymes from proteases are secreted from animals for a number of physiological processes including the activation synthesis and degradation of proteins. The proteases market has expanded significantly in recent years and this trend is expected to continue during the forecast period, due to growing environment concerns, incidence of diseases, and rapid industrialization.

The proteases market is segmented on the basis of product types into the animal, microbial, and plant categories. Animal products are further classified into the pepsin, trypsin, renin, and other varieties; plant products into the bromelain, papain, and other types (which includes keratinases and ficin); and finally microbial products into alkaline, acid, and neutral proteases.

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The microbial segment is experiencing speedy growth due to increasing demand for it from producers and its commercial viability. Applications of proteases include livestock feed, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, soaps & detergents, and others. The soaps & detergents sector dominated the market as proteases have been found to be safe and cost-effective.

Continuous research and development, new technology, changing cleaning habits, and an overall consciousness regarding safe environments are projected to be drivers of the protease market during the forecast period. Based on methods of production, the market divisions are extraction and fermentation. Fermentation led the market due to producers' reliance on microbial sources and also their economic efficiency.

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Among animal products, renin occupied a dominant position owing to its extensive usage in food & beverages, especially in cheese making. Papain leads the plant segment due to its numerous health benefits such as aid in digestion, antioxidant properties, and support to the immune system. Among the microbial varieties, alkaline holds the prevailing position due to its several functional properties such as stability in high temperatures and applications in the soaps & detergents industry.

Geographically, the proteases market is distributed over Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. North America dominated the market due to the presence of many developed industries in the region, while Asia Pacific is also exhibiting swift evolution.

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