Provision Of Justice To The People In Their Own Languages

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California is the most populous state in the U.S with the population of almost 40 million. It is, therefore, that it has to tackle humongous challenges. From healthcare to education, to social security and provision of justice.


With the diverse demographics, it is natural to have various numbers of languages being spoken in California It is therefore that nearly 210 languages are spoken in the state. Hence making the English language a difficulty for non-speakers during the judicial proceedings.


As the judicial procedures are extremely sensitive and cumbersome, a common man feels more relaxed and at ease when the complexed terms of the law are being delivered to him/her in his/her own language.


Keeping in view this issue, ‘the Language Access Plan Implementation Task Force’ was established in March 2015. The basic purpose of this organization is to provide interpreters in the courtroom during civil proceedings.


In addition to it, video remote interpreting has also started with currently being implemented in few cities. It can help to reach out to interpreters of less spoken languages too.


The organization intends to help out people understanding the parenting, abuse survival, domestic violence and family matters in their own languages. For this purpose, refugees can also be employed as interpreters so in this manner people shall be able to get new jobs too.


California can set an example and let the other world know that how to reduce culture differences and cope up issues like this, during provision of justice to the people.



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