PRWeb Coupon Codes 2019: A Luxurious Yacht or a Sunken Ship

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LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-10-2019 ( — Businesses and organizations from all around the world are utilizing press release distribution services to share valuable information. There are countless companies who are claiming to provide global press release distribution services and having thousands of journalists within their distribution network. However, in reality, there are very few companies who are providing global pr(press release) distribution services. Finding the right pr distribution provider can be a hectic task for people who are new in the industry.

PRWeb, a company owned by Cision has been in the industry for over 18 years and providing pr distribution services to their customers. In order to submit a press release on PRWeb, the customer needs to create an account through their website and they can choose between any of the four pr distribution plan offered by PRWeb. All of the plans guarantee a placement in the PRWeb website.

For the first time customers, PRWeb offers coupon codes for using their pr distribution services a 10%-15% discounted price. These coupon codes can be easily found on Google. This is a great way to attract customer to a business.

Pricing for PRWeb single press release is between $98 – $389, PRWeb Premium plan being the highest valued plan that promises to make a  press release “go viral”. Making something viral is surely a critical task and it would have been wonderful if they were able to keep that promise. However, sad but true, after investigating several PRWeb press releases, Google showed nothing significant apart from their website placement. The websites that publish their press releases don’t even look like real media outlets. Here are some screenshots of the Google search results:

Press Release Jet, rebranded as from mid-2017, is currently the leading pr distribution company in the industry with a reputation of providing the best customer experience as well. Single distribution plans by is divided into three plans that cost $69-$299. The cheapest Premium Plan guarantees distribution to over 250 media outlets, also ensure the news section placement, along with the inclusion of Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. Within 2-3 business days from the distribution date, customers receive a comprehensive reporting to their email. Top-tier newswires like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC adds to the distribution list with the other two plans.

There are lucrative discounts offers for people who want to subscribe for Monthly or Annual PR Distribution services, the existing customers save even thousands of dollar every month. The discount is based upon the number of press releases needed in a month and the selected distribution plan. For an exact estimation on how much discount you are eligible for, visit:

As alluring as it sounds, PRWeb coupon codes that give out the 10%-15% is of no use if PRWeb publishes the press release only on their website and a few poor quality website picks it up.The company might have a good reputation in the past but that ship had already sailed and had dived into the water when it's not a submarine.

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