RealBama Real Estate Opens Boutique Family-Run Brokerage in Tuscaloosa

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TUSCALOOSA, AL – 07-13-2018 (Press Release Jet) — TUSCALOOSA, AL, July 12, 2018 – RealBama LLC, an Alabama company, announces the opening of its full-service, fully-licensed real estate brokerage, RealBama, serving home buyers, sellers, and investors in Tuscaloosa, Northport, and surrounding areas. Real estate consumers in the area now have an alternative to big-brand firms where they can receive responsive, detail-oriented personal service designed to make their transactions easier and more convenient from start to finish.

“We started RealBama as a small, family-run boutique firm that focuses solely on helping area individuals and families get in, get out of every deal as quickly and efficiently as they can,” said Rebekah Polancich, Founder of RealBama and Broker-in-Charge. “Too often, the hassles and the headaches of buying and selling homes take away from the value of the experience itself due to poor professionalism, lack of expertise, and lack of attention to detail on the real estate professional side.”RealBama draws from the deep career experience of the founders, Rebekah and Jason Polancich, serial entrepreneurs who have built and run several successful technology and services businesses focused on high levels of customer satisfaction. RealBama will also emphasize the use of the latest technologies and tools to improve client convenience, the speed of their transactions, and the overall monetary value of each and every deal. In particular, RealBama’s founders possess deep and proven digital marketing experience which they will bring to bear to help home seller clients sell fast and for more by reaching the right kinds of buyers for their homes. This service is free for those who list their homes with RealBama.”Very few, if any local real estate companies can engage in the level of digital marketing we can here at RealBama,” said Jason Polancich, Real estate salesperson and Director of Marketing at RealBama. “If you sell your home with us, not only will you get highly personal and efficient service from start to finish, but you can rest assured that your home is being marketed on the web, mobile, and social media in a way that’s unrivaled by other brokerages  – all free to you.”You can get more info or hire RealBama to find your next home, sell the one you have at ABOUT REALBAMARealBama is a local Tuscaloosa and Northport-area full-service real estate brokerage founded in 2018 helping home buyers and sellers achieve better results through expert customer service, technology, and extreme attention to detail. We’re a boutique, family-owned and run firm that treats its customers like part of our family. Small brokerage, big results. ONLINE RESOURCESRead our blog.Follow us on Twitter.Follow us on LinkedIn.

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