Recognized In Russia: Trecento To Participate In Moscow's World Blockchain Summit

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PARIS, April 27, 2018 – Trecento, a blockchain investment fund that offers its participants diversification and security, will be appearing at the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow, Russia. The summit will showcase the latest developments in blockchain technology while exploring all the ways those developments will revolutionize the modern world.

The World Blockchain Summit recognizes that the blockchain revolution is already underway. Its goal is to encourage governments, organizations, and citizens across the globe to take full advantage of that revolution. The event will feature companies and individuals from across the globe that have found innovative ways to use, invest in, develop, or promote blockchain technology. Participants will have the chance to educate themselves on every blockchain application while exploring what this technology means for healthcare, governance, retail, and countless other activities.

As an investment platform with a robust strategy for trading blockchain assets, Trecento seeks to enhance the financial side of this technology. The platform is making it safer and more profitable for investors of all stripes to take part in the blockchain revolution. In this way, it is helping drive that revolution forward while spreading its benefits far and wide.

The World Blockchain Summit

Held in Moscow from April 26th to the 27th, the World Blockchain Summit will explore all the possibilities that blockchain technology opens up. Defined as a storage method that consists of immutable data chains, blockchain makes a range of technologies and organizational methods possible. These include smart contracts, or self-enforcing contracts that rely on instructions stored in blockchain form; smart cities, or cities that gather information and manage their own resources and assets; more efficient and secure payment methods; and advanced authentication measures.

The World Blockchain Summit will showcase each of these technologies, as well as the companies that play a leading role in developing them. It will also investigate how they can transform our lives. From healthcare to retail to finance to governance, blockchain technologies may change every manner of human activity. The summit will connect all the major players who are working on these innovations and help them to understand the full potential of what they're creating.

Trecento's Investment Tactics

Blockchain technology can only advance if investors are willing to provide the funds for further development. Many have been unwilling to do so thus far due to the high risks of investing in this new technology. By providing a diversified cluster of five blockchain funds, Trecento is reigning in this risk and encouraging a wider range of investors to participate in the new market.

Trecento focuses on five different areas of blockchain development: ICOs, or initial cryptocurrency sales to raise money for new ventures; crypto-trading, or the exchange of digital assets; venture capital, or the financing of blockchain startups; funds of funds, or buying shares in other specialized cryptocurrency funds; and dedicated funds, which are personalized for specific investors. By operating all five funds, Trecento minimizes the risk to its investors while raising profitability. No matter what part of the blockchain market is thriving, Trecento and its investors are likely to benefit from it.

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