Record Number Of Tourists Fuel LA County Economy

There has been a very good inflow of tourists to Los Angeles County in 2017. This has augured well for the LA County as the profits from the tourism reached newer heights. A total of $22.7 billion has been added to the economy of the Los Angeles County through the record number of tourist visits.

A total of 41.2 million local visitors has visited LA last year. The LA counties also welcomed 7.3 million international visitors in 2017. There is an increase of 2.6 percent in the visitors’ influx in 2017 when compared to the 2016 figures. This is the 7th straight year that the Los Angeles County sees a boost in the tourism revenue.

The direct spending of $22.7 billion by the LA county visitors has provided an overall economic effect of $34.9 billion. This figure is achieved by including the money spent on other purchases of goods and services. There is an increase of 3.9% of direct spending when compared to 2016.

The Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that Los Angeles is a place that always welcomes the world and offers the best hospitality that is possible. This is why LA is breaking the tourism records year after year.

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