Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) Announces Blockchain-based Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES)

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Robin8 Profile Utility Token will release code on GitHub for developer community next month

NEW YORK, April 27, 2018 — Robin8, the leading provider of profile technologies announces its blockchain-based Profile Management EcoSystem (PMES). Robin8, an expert in profiling, ranking and matching people to brands to products has now integrated blockchain with personal data to increase trust and security. 

The Robin8 PMES allows everyone to put their profile on the blockchain, giving them better control of their profile. It provides a digital data lock and the ability to control who can access and use their data. It also helps users to understand how their data provides value and can be monetized.

The vision of the Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) which returns profile data back to the owner and empowers everyone with their own data comes to fruition with the launch of PMES. PMES will be GDPR compliant and expected to meet the latest laws of the European Union. 

“Our goal is to be the personal data scientist for every person, media, brand and product,” says Miranda Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Robin8 PUT. “From now on, consumers can have control of their data. Product owners can protect themselves from fake products by applying blockchain technology that can verify the authenticity of the data through its distributed public ledger.”

Robin8 will be releasing the code on GitHub in May, which will include the API needed for developers to easily integrate into their product. Robin8 simplifies profile data management so developers can focus on making their product successful, while integrating the architecture provided by Robin8's PMES.

Robin8 plans to announce PMES in May with blockchain links to give developers the necessary tools they need to successfully build out their product. Every product could be served by a trusted and secure profile that would be enabled by blockchain.

“Right now there are way too many profiles scattered everywhere. Control and analysis by the owner is virtually impossible, “says Hassan Miah, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Robin8. “Our goal is to simplify management of profile data and give the power back to the owner.”

“We are building an integrated EcoSystem and platform that will be a very powerful tool for blockchain developers everywhere,” says Joe Sticca, Global COO. “We have assembled a worldclass tech and data team from the United States, China, Germany and the Ukraine to bring all the power of blockchain and data management together in one EcoSystem and platform for the Profile Utility Token (PUT) economy.”

The goal of the PUT is to develop an EcoSystem where the data is trusted and that anytime people see a profile, people can rely on it with confidence. 

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