SAMA American Private School Offers World-class Education to Nurture Innovation, Holistic Growth and Academic Excellence

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – 02-05-2018 — SAMA American Private School offers a world-class education to nurture innovation, holistic growth, and academic excellence. The school started in September 2012 in the Emirate of Sharjah, Al-Azra Private School district, near the Emirate of Ajman boarder. The school is a modern constructed two-story building that is built to meet the international standards of student safety, comfort, protection and equipped with modern ICT infrastructure to offer internet to all offices and classrooms with interactive smart boards in the entire classrooms.

Recently, SAMA American Private School has been granted full accreditation for five years from AdvancED.  AdvancED® is one of the leading accreditation boards in the US and of their recent accreditation of SAMA, it is stated, “Consequently, the External Review Team recommend so the AdvancED® Accreditation Commission that the institution earn the distinction of accreditation for a five-year term.” This serves as a testament to the quality of education the school offers their students.

SAMA American Private School caters for students as of KG1 to grade 12 and offers quality education to K12 students whose parents are interested in a private school option that is characterized by high standards of discipline and high academic expectations. The top priority of the school is to ensure that both students and parents become actively engaged in their school’s vibrant community and at the same time benefit from the curricular and co-curricular programs that are provided by the SAMA American Private School. The school has offices for administrators, classrooms that cater for 2000 students, a clinic for a part-time medical doctor and resident nurse, a multi-purpose hall, shaded areas, outdoor sports facilities, a cafeteria, 3 art rooms, 7 science labs, 3 computer labs and a library.

For the school year 2012-2013, there were 342 students; this grew to 550 the following year followed by 795 in the school year 2014-2015. By the school year 2015-2016, there were 1035 students enrolled and currently the school student population is 1303. The successful student growth rate of the school is mainly attributed to parent satisfaction which has contributed to the success of the school. The continual improvement and improved reputation of SAMA American Private School is expected to continue year by year, hence requiring further expansion of premises.

SAMA American Private School is presently setting plans to add an additional building with a spacious multi-purpose hall and indoor gym, in addition to some supplementary classes for the KG and primary sections. The staff comprises of 186 full-time teachers, support staff, and administrators. The faculty comprises of school Principal, Vice Principal, 4 Heads of departments, 6 section supervisors, a Social Counselor, 85 teachers, 28 teacher assistants, 33 administrators and an additional number of support staff. All their teaching staff possesses the right teaching qualifications. This requirement is reflected in the selection process or policy before the interview.

The modern surveillance cameras and CCTV system are installed throughout the campus to offer close supervision for all the school premises and common areas thus improving security and safety. SAMA American Private School offers all parents with the option of “user pays” transport services care of the school-owned buses, where the emphasis is on appropriate supervision, comfort, and safety while in transit. All buses are brand new, equipped with surveillance cameras, have updated vehicle maintenance and safety checks routinely completed. The school carries first-aid kits and has operational air conditioning. They are all compliant with all applicable transportation laws of the UAE.

Though SAMA American Private School has been operating for less than 5 years, it has gained a very good reputation for an educational institution providing quality education and has become the choice of parents. The student enrollment rates continue to grow remarkably as a result of more parents approaching the school to admit their children based on the satisfaction that current parents show. The school has become well-established as an inclusive, supportive and engaging community characterized by very good discipline and a strong ethos of child protection, security, and safety. The school has lately conducted a comprehensive process of curriculum review to make it more aligned with students’ needs and international standards. Curriculum programs, courses, and activities have become highly balanced and broad, promoting challenge, gratification, and innovation.

SAMA American Private School is devising continuous improvement plans that encompass all aspects of school operational systems and academic ones. A new modified appraisal system is in place to ensure criteria complaint with the newest methodology, inclusive learning and interdisciplinary connections in an atmosphere conducive to equitable challenges for all students. The school recruitment procedures and policies are revised and formalized in committees to secure qualified teachers in place beside the re-assignments of senior positions and staffing at a bigger scale for new posts.

SAMA American Private School needs to sustain better performance and their main focus is to improve the development of 21st century skills such as effective communication skills, problem-solving, innovation, critical thinking, and creativity to prepare the students for the next phase of their education and future life. Students at SAMA American Private School are actively engaged in research and project work. They are also encouraged to participate in Fairs and competitions at local and national levels.

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