Santa Monica Pier Shut Down Over Bomb Threat: Reports

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Santa Monica Police Evacuate Santa Monica Pier on 9/11
Santa Monica Police Evacuate Santa Monica Pier on 9/11

California Police evacuated and closed Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles Monday after a bomb threat in the area.

The Police Department proceeded to the evacuation after a call received around 4:00pm local time, according to the Santa Monica Police Department.

Authorities asked the vistors of the area to avoid transit through while they are investigating the threat.

Aerial video from the scene showed that the pier was clear of pedestrian traffic and it is cordoned off with yellow tape.

A robot was sent in to investigate a vehicle parked in the pier parking lot, aerial video showed.

Visitors are asked to avoid the area during the investigation.

During the summer months the pier is venue to weekly outdoor concerts, movies, and other family friendly activities, many that are free to the public.


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