Second Edition of Freedom Fighters Book Issues a Call to Action for Democrats and Progressives

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NEW YORK – 02-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — The world-wide Resistance against the Trump Administration grows broader and stronger each day, and with the release of the 2nd Edition of America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters, author Evelyn Roberts Brooks offers advanced training for the millions who are eager to combat the extremist agenda of Republicans in Congress. 


“In times of great trouble,” said Brooks, “when a nation’s citizens are under attack from within or from without, they gather from all backgrounds and communities to form a resistance. These people have one important thing in common—whether they are fighting the Nazis or resisting Donald Trump and his elitists—they are willing to stand up and speak out for freedom.”


The second edition of America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters includes the first edition (released on Inauguration Day 2017) in its entirety, as well as a new section called “The Heart of Progress.” The urgency of the country’s “Code Blue” crisis is detailed, and the author addresses the need to, as Barack Obama terms it, tend to our “Garden of Democracy” or watch it perish.


The book invites readers to enumerate their personal goals and dreams for progress, to stay motivated to march, and to be involved in the political process at local, state and federal levels. As a practical guide for those who feel overwhelmed, angry and upset about the Trump Administration’s ongoing program of destruction, the book includes:


* Three simple things all Democrats can start doing today to make a positive difference.

* In-depth techniques for releasing the fear and stress generated in today’s political climate.

* Easy to implement steps to manifest change in support of progress and human rights.

* Inspiration on how to be a modern, nonviolent Freedom Fighter, using the quantum physics-based understanding of the mental laws and the observer’s creative power.


America’s New Breed of Freedom Fighters: With Liberty and Justice for All—2nd Edition ( is volume one in the author’s Liberty and Justice series which includes What Were They Thinking: Inside the Minds of Trump’s Voters (political humor) and When They Go Low WE GO HIGH: How to Raise Your Vibration to Manifest What You Want.


About the Author

Evelyn Roberts Brooks ( is an author, speaker, screenwriter, stress management and law of attraction blogger, and certified thinking-into-results consultant. She has shared the stage with Bob Proctor (“The Secret”), Gay Hendricks, Peggy McColl, Arielle Ford, Misa Hopkins, Dr. Margaret Paul, Dr. Steve G. Jones, and other experts in personal development. For more information about the book, go to

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