Siamak Kalhor Consulting Says that Concerns about the Future of Internet Advertising Underline the Importance of Digital Marketing Savvy

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Cutting through the confusion around online marketing can be a challenge, says Siamak Kalhor Consulting.

Online is the way businesses grow now; you can no more avoid online pitfalls by ignoring the web, than a fish can avoid a whirlpool by leaving the ocean.

LOS ANGELES May 19, 2018

A May 10 article on BBC News discusses a number of challenges facing businesses that advertise online, including misleading metrics that cause advertisers to spend money on campaigns that don’t produce positive outcomes. Noted online guru Siamak Kalhor says that, as consumers become more wary in the face of worrisome headlines regarding social media, and businesses too often face disappointing returns on their investments, it’s no wonder many budding entrepreneurs are intimidated by the thought of digital marketing.

Mr. Kalhor, who recently made his services available to the general business community through his new firm, Siamak Kalhor Consulting LLC, says that businesses simply can’t avoid digital marketing if they want to be viable. “Online is the way businesses grow now; you can no more avoid online pitfalls by ignoring the web, than a fish can avoid a whirlpool by leaving the ocean,” says Mr. Kalhor. “Fortunately, entrepreneurs are a lot smarter than fish and they can take advantage of the knowledge and know-how that’s out there; it’s not easy to sell products and services online, but it’s extremely doable,” says Mr. Kalhor.

“The writer of the BBC article quotes an old-time businessman who said that half the money he spent on advertising was wasted, but the problem was that he didn’t know which half. The goal of what we’re doing at our consulting firm is helping to grow businesses by showing them how to actually track their spending so they know which investments are working and which are useless,” says Mr. Kalhor.

“It’s tricky because every new business is different. You can’t just copy a strategy from some other company. For example, most start-ups really need to work with Google Adwords and, especially in the very beginning, pay-per-click, but how much money and effort to expend on it is always going to be different. The same applies to your keywords and the best way to optimize your website and social media,” says Mr. Kalhor. “If you’re starting any kind of a new business, there’s a real possibility that you can end up wasting half – maybe all — of your online marketing dollar if you spend blindly. The only antidote to the problem is deep, deep knowledge of the Internet universe,” says Mr. Kalhor.

About Siamak Kalhor and Siamak Kalhor Consulting LLC

For 18 years, Siamak Kalhor has been at the forefront of the digital marketing field. A well-known expert on the use of high-tech for the promotion of businesses, and a noted Los Angeles area radio personality, Mr. Kalhor recently started his own consulting firm to expand the reach of his services to business people in all fields.

Readers who are interested in learning more about Siamak Kalhor Consulting LLC can call 323-553-7752 or visit its web site at

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