Sifted Takes the Award for Scrappiest Startup in Atlanta’s 2018 Startup Awards

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ATLANTA, GA – 10-25-2018 ( — Atlanta, GA, October 25th] – Food-Tech startup, Sifted, won the scrappiest startup award at Atlanta’s 2018 Startup Awards this past week. Their bootstrapped background and triple-digit year over year growth helped Sifted take home the award.

Taking place at the Garage at Tech Square on October 14th, the Scrappiest Startup Award was granted to the company who has reached significant milestones over the past twelve months without ever raising equity or debt capital. Sifted was up against companies such as Curricula, Javvy, and Omode Play and took home the award due to their success in the past year.
“Winning Scrappiest Startup in recognition of our milestones over the past 12 months is another strong validation that our choice to bootstrap, even in a capital-intensive industry like food tech, was the smart strategic decision for our team,” said founder Jess Legge about their recent win.
Sifted’s success is significant, especially in a world where food startups are struggling to stay afloat and many prepared food startups have failed while trying to bring to life just this type of vision with investments in their own infrastructure.
When asked about why Sifted has been able succeed in this difficult industry Legge commented, “The predictability of our b2b model paired with our early focus on food production before technology has allowed us to bootstrap a profitable food tech business in an industry plagued with high burn rates and heavily-funded, high profile closures.”
As it enters its next phase of growth, Sifted feels confident that they will become the leading food tech partner of the nation’s most influential brands. 
Sifted is a food-tech startup that manages corporate lunch programs for high growth companies. They launched in February 2015, and have had triple-digit growth year over year since then. They serve 100’s of clients in Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Nashville, and Seattle. Some notable clients include Google, Twitter, Uber, Bumble, Eventbrite, and Square.

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