Sion Nobel, M.D. of Accelerated Treatment Systems, Using Newly FDA Approved Lucemyra to Enhance His Proprietary Accelerated Heroine detox.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – 05-30-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Los Angeles, CA, May 29th, at the offices of Sion Nobel, M.D., local addiction Medical Professional gathered to discuss the recent FDA approval of the drug Lucemyra and Dr. Nobel’s accelerated detox and treatment program now available to the public. Dr. Nobel shared he has been using this non-opioid medication for a while for his patients to assist in detox. Dr. Nobel shared, “He is excited about the recent FDA approval of Lucemyra, it will be a powerful addition in the war against opiates”. The most important addition to this excellent medication is the fact it is FDA APPROVED. The public is constantly barraged with new possibilities for treatment of Opiate and Alcohol Addiction, but most are not approved, even the ones that offer exceptional results. 

Dr. Nobel is the Medical Director of Accelerated Treatment Systems in Sherman Oaks, a CereCare Center of Excellence. They offer accelerated treatment for Opiate and Alcohol addiction. The doctor mentioned he is using Lucemyra and one of those exceptional addiction treatment medications called Naltrexone. Combined with additional treatment medications Dr. Nobel has been able to help his patients to stay off Opiates and Alcohol once detoxed. BioCorpRX has developed a process of converting Naltrexone into an implant that is simple and painless to use. Naltrexone stops or greatly reduces cravings starting in as little time as three to five hours for the patient to feel the initial effects. This convenient implant shared Dr. Nobel’s has brought exceptional results and powerful motivation for his patients.

Dr. Nobel said the combination of Lucemyra for detox and the Naltrexone Implant which stops cravings for months as a detox/treatment protocol finally gives his patients a true fighting chance. The experience of feeling free of addiction at the start of treatment instead of the end is a real game changer. “The motivation it brings to the treatment experience is nearly unmatched” stated Dr. Nobel, the patient has something they can identify almost immediately that they want to shoot for, the feeling of sobriety. The end of all the insanity drug addiction causes in a person’s life can stop almost immediately once detoxed. 

Dr. Noble said once the patient is free of the daily physical and Psychological demands Opiates or Alcohol cause, they can begin work with a counselor to seriously identify the issues that initiated the addiction. The patient has a reasonably clear mind and not all fogged up from overcoming recent detox pain and now faced with treatment while still doing all they can to stay clean and sober. His patients are ready to deal with their addiction because today cravings are not an issue, there are no cravings every 5 minutes, the Naltrexone implant has either stopped or greatly reduced the patients craving. His outcomes working with addicted patients using this forward-thinking process has increased his success rates dramatically. Dr. Nobel sees this as a serious tool in the fight against Opiate and Alcohol use, abuse, and addiction. 

Sion Nobel, M.D., treatment center, Accelerated Treatment Systems is an out-patient clinic. They specialize in accelerated detox services, accelerated addiction treatment using the Naltrexone implant and follow-on support services. Those important services and tools include an app designed to assist a patient with their sobriety giving them the tools they need to stay sober available right on their phone along with a team of addiction experts to work directly with his patients. The implant process is completed in Dr. Nobel’s office and takes less than ten minutes to implant. Dr. Nobel’s comprehensive program is supported by and partnered with CereCare Centers of Excellence. Every service delivered must meet the superior standards mandated by CereCare. For additional information about our accelerated treatment program call 800 634-0599 and ask for the executive director.

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