Smash Mob’s Single “Only 1 Fool” features Robin Sandoval

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – 06-07-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Smash Mob’s Jason Eldridge and Frank Rogala have dropped a new single, Only 1 Fool, featuring the vocal talents of noted songwriter Robin Sandoval.

“Robin has been a friend for over 15 years, so we were excited to finally get a chance to work with her. She had already been working with many of our talented composer friends and it was just time,” enthused Rogala.

Sandoval first hit the Hollywood scene in the 1990’s performing as a percussionist on major network TV shows alongside of many of LA’s legendary studio players. She has gone on to collaborate with many notable artists and composers including a major label release (MCA Records) with performer John Pagano.

“Robin has a spectacular R&B voice,” says Rogala. “A very fluid, expressive, melodic voice and timbre not to mention a rap voice as well. I think her impeccable rhythm comes from her being a first rate percussionist. We hope to make use of that ‘rap voice’ in the very near future.”

“Her lyrics were everything you’d hope as a composer,” explained Eldridge, “thought-provoking, unique and very conversational.  Robin just checks all the right boxes.”

Along with dozens of music placements in TV and films Smash Mob is best known for writing the theme song for the History Channel Show Alone, as well as their dancefloor stomping remix of the Wonder Woman theme song from the 70’s TV show. Smash Mob’s music can be heard on TV shows including Young Sheldon, LA To Vegas, Animal Planet – Rabid, Bravo – Southern Charm, History Channel – Forged in Fire, Catfish, Discovery – Bad Blood, Discovery – Evil Stepmothers, Discovery – I Am Homicide, CBS Sports, MTV – Suspect, Amazon – Forged in Fire, E-Stewarts and Hamiltons, E- Dash Dolls, and MTV – True Life.

Along with music for film and TV, Smash Mob also produces music singles and music videos for other performing artists. Smash Mob music videos and singles are available at website as well as the SmashMobMusic channel on Youtube

Smash Mob’s music video You Can Run feat. Stephen Bannon, is an official selection of the iPhone International Film Festival.

Smash Mob is the teaming of the veteran performer, songwriter, producer, award-winning filmmaker/screenwriter, Rogala (lead vocalist for EXUDE and NC-17) and performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, Eldridge.

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