Some Californian Nuisance Code Violators Face Huge Legal Bills

Some of the Californian homeowners and residents might face huge legal fares for violation of the nuisance codes. The fine keeps on change from city to city. But, violators might face huge fines. In most of the towns in America, you will face a fine and citations for a loud dog, or room addition without the necessary government permits.

But, some of the Southern Californian cities are now booking the nuisance code violators for a criminal offense. The homeowners are slapped with huge bills that they find impossible to pay.

The city administrators are justifying this new policy. They say that they are looking to get the money to make the public realize that these acts are not pardonable. They are just looking to clean up the acts of the public.

A nonprofit legal group has filed a suit against these practices of the California city administrators. The group said that the prosecution of code violator’s crime is a dangerous trend. Apart from this, the violators also need to cough up thousands of dollars for the minor code violations.

The Californian state law allows the cities to get all the costs of the nuisance cases from the culprit and this includes the attorney fees as well.

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