SpaceX Looking To Expand Its LA Operations

The Aerospace manufacturer SpaceX wants to extend its operations in the Los Angeles city. The company is looking to boost its efforts to manufacture rockets that are capable of reaching Mars.

SpaceX is looking to come out with a new manufacturing facility at the port of Los Angeles. The Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved the plan for the same last week. The company is already leasing some space at the port. This place is used to collect the equipment and vehicles that are returning from space.

The plans that have been submitted by WM Marine Composites, a limited liability Corporation, say that it is looking to set up a new production center on the Terminal Island. The proposed site will be dealing in manufacturing specialized transportation vessels apart from the ongoing SpaceX equipment recovery.

There are no clear details as to whether SpaceX will be operating this new facility. The company spokesperson, Eva Behrend, has just confirmed there was a preliminary discussion taking place the company and the Port of LA for leasing additional land of the port for its operations.

The plan submitted to the Harbor Commissions suggests that there would be transportation vehicles produced in the new facility. There will be 203,450 square foot structure coming up in the space that holds 12,000-gallon tanks to store nitrogen, oxygen, helium and argon gases.

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