Submit a Press Release and Have a Massive Outreach and Maximum Search Engine Visibility

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Press Release Distribution services can strengthen the public relations network for a business or organization if they are utilized in a proper manner. A press release may often contain announcement of a new startup, product/services or valuable information that is beneficial for the mass audience.

In order to submit a press release, the most important part is to write the press release in a clearly understandable way and using proper keywords that have the most search volume. These keywords can be obtained with a little bit of research on Google and also by using the Keyword Planner tool. “How to Target for High Average Monthly Search Volume Keywords” and, How to Do Keyword Research Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool that can guide people even who have little to no knowledge about the benefits of using keywords for increased search engine visibility.

There are numerous websites that offer cheap pr distribution services that reach thousands of journalists, they often end up in the spam folder. It can be hard to find the pr distribution service provider that can actually provide with exposure that can have a massive impact on the public relations network. 

Press Release Jet, a leading global press release distribution service provider that was rebranded as in mid-2017, offers the most effective and affordable pr distribution services.

There are three different pr distribution plans that ensure placements in 35, to over 200 media outlets within a price range of $69-$299. All of these plans provide with guaranteed placement in the news section. Customers receive an email containing a Comprehensive Distribution Report within 72 business hours from the distribution schedule.  Moreover, each and every press release will get Google, Yahoo and Bing inclusion that can boost up SEO rankings. Here is how an average press release looks like on Google after using a pr distribution plan by the company:

The Premium Concierge pr distribution plan is the most valued plan that is designed to have a massive outreach. This plan offers guaranteed distribution to over 400 media outlets including top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Given that the press release was crafted in a way that brought out its newsworthiness, there is a high probability of getting featured on premium news sites like Bloomberg, AP, Forbes, and the New York Magazine. Here are two recent press releases distributed by that were featured on The Washington Post and Forbes:

PRCopywriter is the pr writing service that help customers with crafting an effective and SEO friendly press release in a short 2-3 business days turnaround; up $50 discounts can be obtained right now by purchasing a PRCopywriter and PR Distribution Bundle Plan.

The above discussion provides a thorough understanding of how a pr distribution service can provide a massive outreach and maximum visibility on search engines.  

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Original Story: Submit a Press Release and Have a Massive Outreach and Maximum Search Engine Visibility

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