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The major benefit of having a press release published on popular news portals is the exposure that comes with it. Sites like the Tech Republic, Geekwire and Bloomberg have a large audience base and the appearance of a press release in these sites speaks out the reliableness of the company out loud.

However, it’s not easy to get featured on these sites and not every press release distribution service provider can make it happen. First of all, in order to achieve that outcome, a press release has to be newsworthy. The topic should be something that is worth sharing and is beneficial to a large group of audience. Also, the wordings of the PR must communicate with the reader clearly and effectively.

The number one global press release distribution service provider, has recently shared 5 Golden Rules for Creating a Press Release on their youtube channel:

A press release can be submitted using any one of the Premium, Premium Pro and the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plans that ensure hundreds of media outlet placements for a press release. Moreover, every press release gets the inclusion in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In order to have the maximum outreach, use the Premium Concierge PR Distribution plan. This plan guarantees placements in more than 200 media outlets including distribution towards top-tier news wires like ABC, CBS, FOX and more. Hundreds of customers were able to have their newsworthy press releases featured on sites like the Tech Republic, Geekwire, Forbes and Bloomberg. Here is a recent PR that was featured on Geekwire:

Hiring a professional copywriter is highly convenient and affordable using the PR Copywriter service. The PR Copywriter team consists of professional copywriters who are able to write an effective press release draft for you within a few business days. Moreover, with the Concierge PR Copywriter service offers Press Release SEO Audit and unlimited revisions on your PR drafting. is the first choice of many successful business and organizations who were able to build a strong business network and a worldwide recognition through their PR Writing and Distribution Services.

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