Teen Rescued After Spending 12 Hours In The LA Sewer System

Jesse Hernandez, a 13-year-old boy, fell into a sewage river in Los Angeles and had to spend more than 12 hours in the underground sewer system before being miraculously rescued.

Hernandez was playing with other children on the wooden planks that were over the sewer system at the Los Angeles Park last Sunday. A wooden plank Brock and Jesse fell about 8 meters and landed in the sewage. We are the children playing with him immediately alerted the adults who are accompanying the children.

911 was called and a frantic search for the boy soon started. The rescuers carried out in 12-hour search in the underground pipe using cameras that were fitted on two floating devices. The spotted some images of handprints in the sewage pipe. The sanitation team went to that area and opened the manhole.

Adel Hagekhalil, assistant general manager of the sanitation department, said that the first thing that the boy uttered was ‘help’. He was about 11 feet down in a pipe. A hose was lowered towards him. Jesse got hold of the hose and then he was reeled up by the workers.

He was given immediate medical attention once he was out of the sewage pipe.

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