The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) Launches Addiction Treatment Regulations and Compliance Information for the State of Massachusetts

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American Addiction Treatment Association

The addiction treatment industry as a whole is under a microscope and it’s expected to get worse-confusion about how to bill patients & insurance, complying with often inconsistent regulations. Our goal is to educate the industry and help develop standards for commercially reasonable best practices.

LOS ANGELES February 06, 2018

The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) is launching regulations and compliance information to support Massachusetts-based addiction treatment programs. This valuable benefit of AATA membership is now available to industry professionals, sober/transitional living facilities, and addiction treatment centers.

In addition to Massachusetts, AATA already offers regulatory compliance resources for California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington and Georgia. In the coming weeks, AATA will also launch regulatory compliance resources for New Jersey.

In other news, stakeholders in the addiction treatment industry will also soon have access to the education and training they need to operate ethically and in compliance with marketing best practices. AATA will soo launch the Certificate in Addiction Treatment Marketing (C-ATM). This comprehensive curriculum addresses the most important topics with which new and experienced addiction treatment marketers should be familiar. The program is offered fully online, allowing participants on-demand 24-7 access, so they can learn at their own pace, conveniently from their computers, tablets, or smartphones. In-person workshops will also be offered at leading industry conferences like the AXIS Summit Conference in Florida on March 5 and 6.

“The addiction treatment industry as a whole is under a microscope and it’s expected to get worse. While some of the issues around kickbacks are black and white, there’s a significant amount of gray area where we try to fill the void. There’s so much confusion about how to bill patients and insurance and comply with often inconsistent regulations. There are so many issues that program professionals are facing. Our goal is to educate the industry and help develop standards for commercially reasonable best practices,� said Harry Nelson, partner at Nelson Hardiman, LLP and founding board chair of AATA. “That’s why we launched AATA and are adding comprehensive educational programs like the C-ATM, to meet an ongoing need for programs to remain compliant and stay out of the headlines.�

AATA Membership offers a variety of benefits and is available to recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators to navigate the evolving clinical and regulatory landscapes. For more information on becoming a member or vendor of the Association, visit:, call (888) 958-2282, or email: info(at)

AATA is a national trade organization dedicated to supporting recovery efforts by empowering addiction treatment programs with essential up-to-date compliance resources to our members through training events, detailed content, and resources including state-by-state requirements for licensing and certification, operations, and risk management.

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