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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-18-2018 ( — preCharge USA, Inc., one of the Strongest Digital Currency Options on the Market, to be Listed on Multiple Crypto Exchanges.

While much of the digital currency, aka crypto currency industry has continued to falter, one company is proving all the analysts wrong, one ping at a time.Across the board, cryptocurrency prices are down as much as 98%, and many of these companies are out of business. As governments try to wrangle in industry cheats, and business continues to try to understand blockchain, preCharge USA, Inc. is emerging as the industry leader, a position it has held in risk management for over a decade.Beginning less than a year ago, preCharge USA, Inc. began transforming its consumer validation service into a true Security Token, based on three- factor authentications, seamless user validation and kyc compliance, as well as built-in anti-money laundering features, aka aml. This move has allowed preCharge to emerge with one of the strongest digital currency options on the market and over 400,000 consumers agreeing.Beginning Q1-2019, preCharge will be listed on many leading crypto exchanges, in addition to its own exchange through its preCharge Mexico sister company. While much of its operations in recent time have been in a stealth mode, 2019 will mark its industry launch an attempt to show the competition how to create a truly viable consumer solution.Unlike traditional Coin Offerings, preCharge came onto the scene with an existing business model, a history of strong revenue growth and a data warehouse second to none. We are confident that our offering of the PCPi and PCIPie Token will result in 2019’s most successful token offering and truly get past the industry’s dependence on Bitcoin.preCharge is a 15-year-old fintech company based in the USA, specializing in cybersecurity, merchant services, and digital currency.For more information, please contact our Director of Communications, Traci Lockhart Hobbs, +1 (702) 627-0106 or email [email protected]

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