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New York, NY March 05, 2018 – A new social productivity app is changing the career game – one neighborhood at a time.-

Jill Volpe Kirk is on a mission. The Connecticut-based businesswoman believes she can transform any skilled professional into an entrepreneur. How? By connecting them with the opportunities on their doorstep. Accomplish, her innovative social productivity platform, allows professionals to break the ice and collaborate, in person.

‘In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the huge value of face-to-face connections,’ says Kirk. ‘But that’s where the magic happens. My eureka moment occurred one morning in a café while working on another startup: a clothes label for new moms. I needed marketing advice and noticed the café was full of people huddled over laptops, working separately but together in one space. I was sure someone there had the skills that could help further my business but I didn’t know how to reach out. Then it hit me: what if I create an app that allows me to tap into the talent around me; a local community for like-minded professionals who have something to offer and want to collaborate.’

Collaboration is at the heart of Accomplish. Kirk’s free app turns neighbors into coworkers and neighborhoods into workspaces. A virtual assistant poses questions to users about their personality, skills and interests – then builds a profile. It connects them with local skilled professionals, sets up meetings and even sources free workspaces. ‘I know from experience how lonely it can be working for yourself,’ says Kirk. ‘Yet people don’t necessarily want to commit to a paid coworking space. Accomplish delivers on both fronts: we’re the only productivity app that provides a vetted list of free spaces to work in your own neighborhood.’

Each meeting you take with a fellow user boosts your visibility and allows you to earn ‘badges’, which unlock bonuses. ‘Accomplish benefits so many people,’ says Kirk. ‘Skilled professionals looking for work, startups looking for advice, parents looking for flexible work, remote workers looking for companionship. We want to turn everyone into a future entrepreneur!’

Meaningful connections are more important than ever. By 2020 40% of the US workforce will be independent professionals; 74% of students graduating college this year would rather work for themselves than in a traditional office; a recent study found millennials are choosing flexible hours over salary.

Accomplish will launch in New York City and the surrounding area in April 2018. Kirk concludes: ‘Our goal is to connect people, in every sense of the word. Because together, we can Accomplish anything.’


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