The Drip Club’s Milkman Heritage Line Wins Runner-up at Dallas Vape Expo

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“Tobacco-based flavors are one of the hardest to perfect, and it’s great to see that people are enjoying our take on this e-juice classic. We are extremely proud of this award”

LOS ANGELES April 27, 2018

The Drip Club’s Milkman Heritage line wins runner-up in the ‘Best Tobacco’ flavor category at the Vape Showcase in Dallas Texas held on November 4-5, 2017. In a category that can be difficult to get right, this award proves that Milkman Heritage flavors are tobacco done well.

Milkman Heritage combines the classic Milkman dessert character with rich tobacco undertones, creating a satisfying vape experience for a wide range of customers. The line consists of three varieties:

  • Heritage Red – a timeless, robust flavor with a sweet surprise. A flavor designed to appeal to both tobacco and dessert vapers: smooth strawberry layered onto an earthy tobacco base.
  • Heritage Gold – this unique take on the tobacco classic layers decedent cream and honey onto a full-bodied tobacco base. The three flavors meld to create a rich, satisfying vaping experience.
  • Heritage Smooth – a perfectly balanced blend of tobacco, sweet vanilla, and velvety caramel. This timeless flavor combination is all about creating a smooth vape for customers who love tobacco but want to try something unique.

Director of Product development Quinten Thompson explains “Tobacco-based flavors are one of the hardest to perfect, and it’s great to see that people are enjoying our take on this e-juice classic. We are extremely proud of this award.

“When we set out to create the Heritage line, we wanted to find a way to combine the sweet dessert undertones that define Milkman with the dark complexity of tobacco. What we’ve made is something different that still appeals to those vapers who love classic tobacco e-juices that continue to be a staple for vape shops internationally.”

For more information about Milkman Heritage, The Drip Club or any brands mentioned, please contact Quinten Thompson – Director of Product Development via quinten(at)

About Vape Showcase Dallas 2017

Vape Showcase Dallas 2017 took place between the 4th and the 5th of November in Dallas Market Hall. Hurricane Harvey caused devastation across Texas through August and September, but thanks to huge support from the community, Vape Showcase was a huge success. Other categories being judged at the showcase included ‘Best Candy’, ‘Best Fruit’, ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best Dessert’.

About The Drip Club

The Drip Club is a consumer products company engaged in the development of innovative vaping products and brands. Since 2014, the L.A.-based company has been the purveyor of iconic brands such as the Milkman, ANML, and Modus. With a focus on quality and safety, the company strives to create products that resonate with consumers with the ultimate goal of one day inhabiting a cigarette-free planet. Its products include Milkman Heritage, that redefines tobacco flavors by providing tobacco enthusiasts an introduction to sweet dessert flavors and Candy Pop! a breakthrough offering in the candy category. Both products have won awards at the Vape Showcase in Dallas, TX (Heritage) and West Coast Vape Expo in Pasco, WA (Candy Pop!). The Drip Club also leads the industry in providing 1st generation Nicotine Salts in the form of CRFT Salts and Milkman Salts, all higher nicotine concentrations, for low-powered, convenience-centered devices.

Find out more about The Drip Club on our website, by following us on Instagram @DripClub, or on LinkedIn.

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