The Handcraft Renaissance: How Local Pottery Makers are Changing the Way We View Everyday Products

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – 11-30-2018 ( — Custom and handcraft goods are more popular than ever 

The commercialization of products isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it helps raise the company’s bottomline, and ultimately allows them to distribute more goods, faster. However, there is a special ingredient mass-produced goods are missing out on: the connection and personalization that handcraft products provide.

Over the past 5-10 years, handcraft pottery has become a mainstream obsession in the U.S. With the rise in independent crafters and small, locally owned handcraft producers, handmade pottery, or studio pottery, has become more accessible to a wider audience. 

So what is it about handcraft that consumers enjoy so much? 

In an interview with Deneen Pottery, a local handcraft mug maker in Minnesota, pottery enthusiast and founder of Curated Ceramics Steve Basile says of his passion for pottery “…the more (studio pottery) I collected, the more memories I make with the artists themselves. The weight, the balance, the glazing, the imperfections on these pots bring character as opposed to factory pottery.”

The ability to create connections with consumers through handmade products is what truly sets this unique style of pottery apart from others.

But it doesn’t just stop with pottery. Websites like Etsy, that allows independent crafters to sell all sorts of handmade goods, has also helped to expand the reach of custom made products. 

Modern consumers appreciate the authenticity and the work that goes into making a product from scratch with your own two hands. With handmade goods, you’re getting a higher-quality item that is unique, with no other one just like it, and at the same time helping out local businesses and artists who have perfected their craft. 

With the holiday season approaching, expect to see gift-buyers opt for handcrafted products over factory made goods, as it is often said that the best gifts are those that are made from hand.

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