The Issue of “Preservation Of CBS Television City, LA”

Preservation Of CBS Television City

CBS television city has been a platform providing one of the best entertainment shows to its viewers for years since its opening in 1952. It is located at Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue not far from the Grove, Farmers Market, LACMA and the Beverly Center, which is an expensive area for properties. It has been regarded as a pioneer in promotion of television industry in L.A, providing it historical importance.  

In the start of this year a deal between CBS and L.A conservancy regarding development and housing on the vast land of CBS except its main landmark building irked a debate. Director of advocacy Adrian Scott Fine filed an application for the preservation of this cultural landmark. Which provided the assurance by L.A Conservancy of preserving the historical value of the television city and it is being looked by some people as good omen and a new start.

As according to Zev Yaroslavsky, lecturer at UMLA, L.A has not been much respectful towards its historical buildings while giving rise to new developmental projects. On the other hand some people argue about the option of not only preserving the CBS television city but also the development of residential buildings which could overcrowd the already busy area after the culmination of the project which is crucial in terms of economic and historical point of view.

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