The Launch From Future! FLINK Brings the Third-Generation Blockchain Technology Strongly Appeared!

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The Launch From Future! FLINK Brings the Third-Generation Blockchain Technology Strongly Appeared!

In the ever-changing post-Bitcoin era of digital technology, blockchain technology is strongly driving the digital economy to sweep across all kinds of industries, and the  high-tech has been forced to respond quickly with rapid iterations of everything…

Nowadays, the first-generation Blockchain technology that Bitcoin relies on and the second-generation Blockchain technology that Ethereum relies on are no longer able to meet the current perfection pursuit of digital technology giants for the underlying technologies of the digital economy. Following the chain structure of Bitcoin blocks , a completely different “map”blocks structure broke the bottleneck of traditional chain blocks model and created a higher-dimension distributed ledger technology that is different from the mainstream underlying technology of Blockchain—DAG technology (Directed Acyclic Graph).

WINT Digital Technology Company based on DAG technology, has created the WINT, a brand new value interactive chain of gambling industry, expected to give a new life to the alleged “Manipulative Gambling Industry” ! And it is reported that WINT has established a broad strategic cooperation with China Telecom Technology Holdings Group (Nasdaq Stock Code:CNCT) and HK EC CAPITAL (will be listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange), and has brought them to its Angel Investors to achieve a seamless connection between the listed company’s securities assets and the WINT encryption assets!

The Launch From Future! FLINK Brings the Third-Generation Blockchain Technology Strongly Appeared!

Recently, FLINK Digital Asset Management Company commissioned WINT Digital Technology company designed and issued a new upgraded auxiliary chain of WINT based on DAG technology. At present, FLINK has completed beta testing, got officially launched,and will start its global operations soon! Moreover, its “Junee City State Plan” based on WINT DAG technology will also cooperate with gold mining companies to acquire gold mines with proved reserves and actuarial exploitation costs, acquiring a total of 600 tons of gold.This will lead the world’s first seamless connection for “3rd-generation blockchain DAG technology” and “physical gold”. And through the FStone’s Directed Acyclic Graph distributed ledger to ensure the ownership of virtual assets and the unlimited space of value increase!

According to industry professionals, FLINK pioneering created an ecosystem that complements the digital economy and barter tools based on the most advanced DAG blockchain technology. This will strongly lead the future of digital economic development in a new direction!

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