The Matsui Family And Their Donations.

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Andy Matsui and his family are known for two things: Growing orchids by the thousands and giving without end cash by the millions.

The most recent donation, $500,000, was given to the Natividad Foundation for another open clinic drug store that will serve patients with malignancy and other unending illnesses.

Last September, the Matsui family establishment gave land to Hartnell College in Salinas, to utilize any way the school sees fit. The blessing was esteemed at more than $20 million.

What’s more, since 2004, the family has given about $8 million in school grants to Salinas-territory secondary school understudies who probably won’t have possessed the capacity to manage the cost of school generally.

Perez, who moved to the U.S. from Mexico when he was 12, said he lived in a trailer home alongside a reusing focus experiencing childhood in Salinas. He went into the Air Force after secondary school, at that point quit fooling around about school in his mid-twenties. Presently 34, he said he utilized a $25,000 Matsui grant to procure a bioengineering degree at UC Santa Cruz before gaining his lord’s at Stanford.

Ailment constrained him to step far from the business he worked without any preparation almost 50 years prior subsequent to working for other bloom cultivators in California, and he currently experiences Alzheimer’s illness and lives with his significant other Mary in Pebble Beach.

For quite a long time, Andy Matsui offered grants to top understudies in the Salinas Valley. A couple of years back, he moved his concentration and subsidized a grant program in conjunction with Hartnell College and Cal State Monterey Bay.

The thought was to prepare a workforce for the developing ag-tech industry by offering software engineering degrees in only three years. Understudies get a grant of $25,000 or progressively and go to class all year, spending the primary portion of their degree work at Hartnell, which has fabricated a broad ag-tech program, and the last half at Cal State.

Seventy-five students have officially earned their degrees, and some current work in the San Francisco region, Silicon Valley, and the Salinas region. Another 100 or so understudies are moving in the direction of their degrees.

Anita Garcia, a Salinas High graduate who was raised by her truck-driver father after her folks separated, said she worked in secondary school to encourage her monetarily tied family. In school, she considered business, kinesiology, logic and brain science, and couldn’t settle on a vocation. At that point, she found out about the three-year software engineering degree program, connected for a grant and got $30,000. Today, she’s a graduate and functions as the organizer of the three-year program at Cal State Monterey Bay.



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