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Recently, team members from Tier 1 Event Management attended a national leadership conference in Dallas, Texas. These team members were hand selected based on their achievements and reaching goals.

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SACRAMENTO, CA , April 27, 2018 – “Travel is one of the rewards we offer our people for their hard work,” said Lucia, Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations. “It’s an honor to be selected to go to this conference because it means that you’re on your way to a leadership role within our company.”

The team members selected from Tier 1 Event Management were Allie and Christine. “Allie was also recently promoted as a leader,” said Lucia. “The timing couldn’t have been more perfect for her to participate in this event.”

The national leadership conference was even more significant for Lucia, who played a larger role in helping host the event this year. “I’ve been fortunate to go for the past several years,” she noted. “This year, I helped our new leaders in their networking endeavors. I was also focused on supporting them as they learned more about the industry and the opportunity for professional growth each one has the chance to grasp..”

“Travel is one of the rewards we offer our people for their hard work,”


Director of Operations

The conference functioned as both a networking and learning endeavor for attendees. “There are keynote speeches from industry leaders, as well as breakout sessions where we can share our experiences and pick up best practices from one another,” Lucia continued. “It’s really great how it’s organized.”

Tier 1 Event Management’s Director of Operations on Benefits of Attending Conferences

Lucia has been a strong proponent of encouraging Tier 1 Event Management team members to attend conferences, travel, and network. “When we support our people’s growth, we’re ultimately setting the foundation for our company to prosper,” she said. 

“Every event like this offers participants a chance to learn something new,” she noted. “They might come to the conference with an issue they’re trying to resolve and someone they meet has been there, done that, and has an answer for them. It’s also inspiring to meet people who have thoroughly rocked it in the industry. Everyone who attends these conferences comes back enthusiastic, ready to implement the new techniques they’ve learned. They also have a better understanding of the big picture, which motivates them even more.”

Soon, another conference opportunity will arise, and another group of promotional experts will be on deck to attend. “Each time, we’ll select someone who is on the cusp of professional growth,” Lucia concluded. “He or she will be ready to spread wings and we’ll give them the resources to soar. That’s what makes our firm unique.”

About Tier 1 Event Management

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