Top Enrolling Clinical Site Organization in West Virginia Expands Into CNS/Mental Health Studies

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Wilber Z. Sine, MD to join Exemplar Research, Inc. as Principal Investigator – Expansion into CNS/Behavioral Health Clinical Study.

Press Release updated: Apr 26, 2018 15:00 EDT

MORGANTOWN, W.Va., April 26, 2018 – Wilber Z. Sine, MD is joining the top enrolling clinical research team to expand into CNS clinical studies. For over 40 years, Dr. Sine has enjoyed an exemplary career as a professor, medical director in behavioral medicine and psychiatry in the West Virginia University medical system, and as a partner in a multi-site psychiatry practice.

Per Greg Jones, Executive Director “with Dr. Sine’s addition to our research group, his extensive experience, and expertise across various psychiatric/mental health disorders will enable us to support a large patient population and the substantial need for behavioral health studies in our region. We are extremely fortunate to have him on our team to round out our clinical study offerings to an underutilized region of our country.”

Exemplar Research's network of regional Sites has developed an effective model for outpatient studies. We have dedicated Principal Investigators with experienced clinical coordinators at each site that are solely dedicated to research.  As a top enrolling site organization, we are working with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, enrolling volunteers throughout our local communities, into highly critical and important clinical studies.
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Source: Exemplar Research, Inc.

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