Trump Unveils ‘America 1st’ Security Strategy

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The President of U.S. Donald Trump on Monday has declared a new national security strategy, stressing the “America first” message of his election campaign of 2016  and faulting previous leaders of U.S. for failing to measure up to it and look out for the citizens of the nation.

“The leaders of our nation were engaged in nation building abroad, but at home they failed to replenish and build up,” he said, giving clear indication for the strong performance of the economy and predicting even better under his tenure and with his policies.

Trump says Trudeau left out lumber, energy.

His strategy of security envisions nations in competition constantly, reverses warnings of Obama-era of climate change and affirms that the US will defend its sovereignty unilaterally. Even if that means risking the present the agreements with countries in the world that have dominated the foreign policy of the United States since the Cold War.

The Republican president, strategy could sharply alter relationships of U.S. international if fully implemented. Its main focus of his strategy is on four themes and they are:

  • Protecting the homeland.
  • Demonstrating peace through strength.
  • Promoting American prosperity and
  • Advancing U.S. influence in an ever-competitive world.
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