TVS TV Network.Com Launches 13 Episode Jai Alai Music Video Show Called 'Basquet Cases'

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February 03, 2018 – TVS TV Networks.Com had added a new, originally produced 13 episode series of Jai Alai video set to music videos called 'Basquet Cases'. The series appears as one of the 72 TVS 'Micro Channels' on the Daily Motion platform. The show is free to view on an advertising supported, video on demand basis.

TVS has been producing and distributing sports programming on television since 1960. Major college basketball, major college football bowl games, WFL Football, IWA Wrestling, NASL Soccer, WCT Tennis, LPBT Bowling, Championship Boxing, and LPGA Golf have appeared on TVS over the six decades of it's operation.

Basquet Cases is a revival of the Basque legacy sport on television. It is the first syndicated Jai Alai show on television since the XETV produced Jai Alai series in the 1960's. Jai Alai is a sport that is similar to hand ball, and played with an elongated racquet on a court called a fronton.

Music for the series is provided by Applause Record artists The Skruffy Group and the Stardust Dance Band. All music is new instrumental versions of classic rock and roll and American Pop music.

TVS produces more than 250 shows yearly including Lucha Loco, Bowlarama, Wild Wheels, Pulling For Glory, Lift This, Port O' Call, Sidewalk Gourmet, Kool Jazz Festival, and Your Free Vacation.

TVS Ad Sales.Com, headed by Jerry Wolff, represents all TVS advertising opportunities for Basquet Cases and other TVS shows.

TVS Television Network is located in the Greater Los Angeles area, where it operates a 'TV Ranch' as well as production and post production facilities. TVS Radio Network.Com is operated from Las Vegas, TVS Magazines.Com is located in Atlanta, and TVS Ad Sales.Com is located in Miami.


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