Two LA Loyola High Basketball Players Make Final Four Against All Odds

Austin Hatch and Dylan Boehm from Loyola High school will be meeting in the school before they play against each other in the NCAA final four. These guys are looking to take a picture with the coach of Loyola High to keep it as some memorabilia. The coach has himself asked his former players to pose together.

The photos that they click together will be a reminder of grueling things they had to undergo at school. They will be able to keep in mind the unlikely paths that they traversed to play for the privileged college basketball team from the high school.

Hatch has survived two plane crashes in his life and they could have easily put a full stop to his basketball career. Hatch does not have any memories of the plane crashes. He is now the Michigan student assistant. Boehm will be playing for the Ramblers in the NCAA final four.

Boehm said that he or his teammates did not expect to make it to the Final Four. Hatch and Boehm’s teams will meet in the first semifinal on Saturday afternoon. They were not high school basketball pals. Hatch finished his senior season in Loyola High when Boehm joined as a fresher in the junior varsity.

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