Virox® and NAVTA want Veterinary Technicians to Understand why Choosing, Understanding, and Using Disinfectants is so Important

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Albert Lea, MN February 06, 2018

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians (NAVTA) and Virox® Animal Health have joined forces to provide the veterinary technician community with more opportunities to gain a fresh perspective on tasks that are performed numerous times daily in the practice without a second thought – cleaning, disinfecting, and infection prevention.

Together, NAVTA and Virox® have launched a 3-part online course titled “If You Only Knew…”, available on the new online education portal, This course will look at how the disinfectants used at a veterinary clinic can impact its patients in ways that might not always be so apparent. The first module will touch upon the effect of a cleaning product's scent on the patient's experience (spoiler alert: strong smells can be scary!). Modules 2 and 3 of the course help veterinary technicians to best navigate the disinfectant landscape and learn how to implement a disinfection strategy tailored to their practice's needs.

Each of the 3 modules is approximately 10 minutes in duration. Technicians completing the course will walk away feeling engaged and empowered to take on the critical role of disinfectant decision maker. This is a vital role that will go a long way to help keep their clinic and its patients happy and healthy!

Learn more about how to wipe away the fear (and the mess!) with Virox® and check out the course today at

The National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America is a nonprofit organization that represents and promotes the profession of veterinary technology. NAVTA provides direction, education, support and coordination for its members. Incorporated in 1981, NAVTA is the national organization devoted exclusively to developing and enhancing the profession of veterinary technology. For more information about NAVTA, visit their website at

About Virox®
Virox® Animal Health is a leader in disinfectant technology and is dedicated to providing veterinary clinics with disinfectants engineered not only to protect the health of animals and humans, but the planet as well. Virox® strives to make their products Deliberately Different™ through their strength to kill tough pathogens while remaining gentle on the veterinary team, their patients, the equipment they use, and the environment. Virox® Animal Health is also a proud sponsor of Fear Free. To learn more about Virox® Animal Health visit

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