Visme Emerges from Beta with Over One Million Users

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WASHINGTON, DC – 05-31-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Through Visme, PowerPoint1 marries Photoshop2

Visme, the startup empowering non-designers to communicate visually, emerges from Beta with over 1.3 million users, poised to be the ultimate PowerPoint disruptor.

Visme is not just another presentation tool; it is a complete visual communication tool that has seamlessly married the most sought after features of traditional design and presentation software such as PowerPoint and Photoshop into one intuitive online platform. 

Visual content that traditionally required hours of work and professional design experience can now be created in minutes with little to no design knowledge.

“Humans are visual beings: 65% of us are visual learners but a majority of us don’t have the time, the skills or the right tools to communicate visually. That’s why a little over four years ago, we set out on a mission to solve this problem,” said Payman Taei, founder of VIsme.

Although there are other tools that allow people to create their own designs, they are usually one of two kinds: 1) Those that are easy to use but too restrictive in their attempt to ensure simplicity; 2) and those that are flexible and powerful but too difficult to learn in a short amount of time. Visme’s approach is to achieve a perfect balance between  versatility and simplicity through an easy-to-use platform packed with powerful features that are there when you need them.

“I’ve always believed content creation should be simple and quick but it should also provide a balance between ease of use and flexibility. This is one of the reasons why it’s taken so long for Visme to get to where it is today. To accomplish both at the same time without drastically affecting user experience has not been easy; in fact, it’s been damn hard!” said Payman Taei, founder of Visme.

Visme rises above other presentation and design tools by providing:

  • Vast built-in libraries of fully customizable graphic assets, including vector icons, high-quality photos, data widgets, dynamic charts and maps
  • The ability to easily add interactivity, including videos, audio, animations, links, and pop-ups
  • Privacy management of content
  • A Brand Kit that allows users to establish brand guidelines, including setting their own fonts, theme colors and templates
  • Collaboration tools, internal content libraries and team plans to increase productivity.
  • The ability to drastically reduce the time spent creating presentations by allowing users to:
    • Search and select from a vast slide bank library of customizable slides (vs. having to customize a template that may not meet their specific content needs)
    • Create custom blocks of content to re-use in future projects.
  • Detailed analytics to analyze traffic and track engagement down to the slide level
  • The ability to also create interactive infographics, visual reports, social media content, and printables with the same tool.

Since its Beta release, Visme has grown to more than 1.3 million users from over 100 countries, including Fortune 500 companies like IBM, WorkDay, and Sony, as well as nonprofits and educators. 

Unlike many other startups, Visme was bootstrapped, by choice and not by necessity, achieving profitability within six months of launching a paid product. Taei continued, “In a day and age when many startups believe raising and burning through millions is the only way to succeed, I beg to differ. Visme is about changing trends and breaking barriers; it is embedded deeply in our DNA and we live and abide by it every day and our product Visme is a reflection of that.”

About Visme

Visme is an online, do-it-yourself platform that allows anyone to translate boring and dense information into captivating and easy-to-understand visual content in the form of interactive presentations, infographics, visual reports, digital ads, and social media graphics. Users can easily share and present their content online, embed it on their websites or download it for offline use.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, Visme is trusted by over 1.3 million users from more than 100 countries worldwide, from Fortune 500 companies to individual users, including educators, business executives, marketers and entrepreneurs.

Learn more about Visme 

1 PowerPoint is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

2 Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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