Wage and Hour Law 2018: California Style: Live webinar by AudioSolutionz

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With arguably the greatest amount of wage and hour laws on the books of any state, California makes payroll processing a complex situation.

DURHAM, N.C. March 05, 2018

AudioSolutionz, a division of corporate education leader ProEdTech, will host the live webinar “Wage and Hour Law 2018: California Style� with industry veteran Vicki M. Lambert CPP on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 12:30 pm ET. It has been said that California has a style all its own. This is especially true in the area of employment law! Plus: Take into account law changes made for 2018, and you can find yourself in a compliance nightmare—with serious penalties on the horizon.

Get the help you need to navigate tricky legal waters—federal, state, and local. Join payroll consultant Vicki Lambert as she outlines new minimum wage rates for 2018. Then, she’ll guide you through the actual math needed for calculating overtime—as well as how to handle mandatory sick leave, split shifts, call-backs, meal periods, donning and doffing, travel time, local minimum wage rules, and more!

California also has its own requirements in various areas of wage and hour law that federal law does not address—including paycheck stub requirements and posting regulations—and Lambert will address those, too. She’ll also cover California’s anti-theft wage law and explain how to properly prioritize compliance under California labor law and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Plus, Lambert will address: wage orders; alternative workweeks; payment methods; permissible deductions from pay; and the definitions of regular rate of pay, workweek, and workday.

The session will help HR and payroll professionals, accounting personnel, business owners, lawmakers, attorneys, and any individual who deals with the complexities and technicalities of California wage and hour law compliance.

After attending this session, you will understand:

  •     California minimum wage, including the latest information and new rates for 2018
  •     What to include on a paystub in California
  •     Both California and federal wage/hour laws as they pertain to payroll preparation
  •     California’s mandatory sick leave law
  •     Pay requirements, including permitted pay frequencies and methods
  •     The requirements to satisfy when an employee terminates
  •     How to calculate overtime pay in California
  •     How to define hours worked—and how to report time pay and split shift pay
  •     When to offer breaks/lunch (or dock for meal periods)—and when you’ll be penalized for compliance failures

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.audiosolutionz.com/hr-compliance-employment/california-wage-and-hour-laws.html

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