West Coast Self-Storage Moves Headquarters to Everett, Washington

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Seattle-Bellevue-Everett, WA April 28, 2018 – West Coast Self-Storage Group, a self-storage company, has relocated its headquarters from Mill Creek to Everett, Washington.

The company currently manages or owns 53 self-storage facilities in the pacific northwest with properties in Washington, Oregon, and California.

John Eisenbarth, Vice President of Operations for West Coast, says they plan to grow even more in the future. “We see a real need for quality storage facilities in certain markets throughout the pacific northwest.” Eisenbarth stated that West Coast plans on building, acquiring, or managing 20 to 25 storage facilities over the next two years. He went on to say that storage customers are looking for better options these days when it comes to storage.

“When most people think of storage, they think of damp, dark storage units that have high break-in rates and poor customer service. We heard from many customers telling us that they wanted a different storage experience. To that end, we design our properties to offer next-level storage accommodations and service. Our storage facilities are built to meet standards that customers have requested—namely storage that is clean, dry, highly secure and offers easy loading and unloading options along with expanded access hours. Customers also want help with understanding their storage options, so we employ experienced storage professionals that know the business and can help guide first-time or experienced customers in getting the right-sized unit.”

The company relocated to Everett to be more centrally-located for its corporate staff. The company employs 101 people throughout the tri-state region and is actively hiring more storage managers to keep up with their growth plan.

West Coast Self-Storage Group is a self-storage property management, acquisition, and development company headquartered in Everett, WA. The company currently manages or owns thirty-seven stores in Washington, ten stores in Oregon, and six stores in California. The links to their websites are WestCoastSelfStorage.com and SelfStoragePropertyManagement.com.


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