Why Homelessness In LA Is On A Surge?

The poorest people of Los Angeles spend their nights on cardboard boxes laid on the streets. Many homeless people spend nights at the City Hall lawn and in its shadow. The homelessness problem in Los Angeles is taking uncontrollable proportions.

It is estimated that as many as 55,000 people are living in the streets and shelters in LA. This figure has seen a 75 percent growth in the last 6 years. Three out of the four homeless people are unsheltered homeless people and this figure is alarming. Despite of the attempts by philanthropic groups and officials to house the homeless, the shortage of the houses is not helping their cause. Also, the county homeless programs have not got the kick-start that they needed.

There is a belief among the officials that the reinforcements will bring an end to the homelessness issues in LA. The voters have agreed to get taxed to build homes to the tune of 10,000 homes in 10 years.

Los Angeles is now focusing on providing homeless people with a permanent housing solution. These people will not have to fulfill any preconditions and they also give rent vouchers. But the irony is that there is a shortage of apartments for the people and people with vouchers do not find a place to cash them.

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