Will This Book Make the New Generation Adopt Cryptocurrency Faster?

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NEW YORK, NY – 05-22-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Author Vincent Chen announced a Kickstarter campaign for his new children’s book, “99 Bitcoins and an Elephant.” The book tells the story of a seven-year-old girl and her extraordinary adventures in a world where bitcoin, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are commonplace.

The story revolves around Lisa, who lives with her mother in a tiny apartment. She has few toys, but with her augmented reality glasses and a big imagination, she changes the world around her into something amazing. Her adventure begins during a shopping trip with her mom. Lisa gets lost and decides to explore both the physical and virtual worlds to find her way back. She ends up finding bitcoins, making new friends, and learning valuable lessons. With some luck and a lot of fun, Lisa positively impacts the people around her.In Lisa’s futuristic world, children are introduced to technologies that seem mysterious now, but will be eventually become commonplace. During Lisa’s journey, Chen engagingly interweaves these technologies, while teaching the most important lesson of all – values such as empathy, thoughtfulness, and creativity will continue to guide us through an ever-changing world.“It makes bedtime reading more fun with a futuristic twist,” said Chen.Written for children ages 5+, “99 Bitcoins and an Elephant” grabs a young reader’s attention with 34 beautifully illustrated pages and a captivating tale. It paints a future where bitcoins are accepted everywhere, and the virtual world mixes with the physical. This is a book that both parent and child can enjoy together. The Kickstarter campaign ends on June 10, 2018.
About Vincent ChenVincent Chen is the author of “99 Bitcoins and an Elephant.” In his profession, Chen has seen first-hand the way technology is changing the world and wanted his own children to maintain important values even as the world evolves around them. He created “99 Bitcoins and an Elephant” to entertain and teach.

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