World Renowned Turetsky Choir to Rock New York City With Free Concert on May 12, 2018

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Press Release updated: Apr 27, 2018 11:29 EDT

NEW YORK, April 27, 2018 – Internationally acclaimed Turetsky Choir and Soprano Art Group are heading to New York to present “Unity Songs”. The program, directed by the legendary bandleader Mikhail Turetsky, has become an international sensation combining the songs about peace, love, and heroism.

The “Unity Songs” project was originally launched in 2015 and since then it has become a tremendous success! At its core, the program uses music to unite humanity by highlighting men’s striving towards peace and love in times of war and strife. In 2018 Turetsky Choir and Soprano Art Group will present “Unity Songs” in 8 countries – including the U.S., Israel, France, Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovenia, and Belarus!

The New York City event is free of charge and is set to take place at Robert F. Wagner Park, 20 Battery Place, New York, NY on May 12, 2018, with a special concert preview at the United Nations on May 11, 2018.

The show's repertoire is a newly conceptualized, multi-genre performance that blends elements of theatre and opera in a brilliant interpretation of melodies performed in a variety of styles, in ten different languages, and sung by incredible voices!

Mikhail Turetsky

Director, Turetsky Choir

Turetsky Choir features a large group of male soloists with magical voices ranging from tenor-contralto to basso-profundo, spanning four-and-a-half octaves that create astounding harmonies, as well as talented musicians playing piano, violin, guitar, drums.

Established in 1989, Turetsky Choir has been performing for more than two decades to sold-out venues in the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, etc), Europe and Asia. Choir’s founder and stage conductor, Mikhail Turetsky notes, that the Choir always receives a warm welcome in each American city it has toured, and there is always high synergy with their American fans. After several performances in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and other leading American venues, the legendary band looks forward to revisiting the U.S. and sharing this innovative project. Every concert is unique and tailored to each city. Mikhail Turetsky is committed to creating an “unforgettable and inimitable experience where the atmosphere of goodwill, joy, and mutual understanding among cultures will triumph.” It is worth noting that Turetsky Choir never ended any performance in the US without singing their signature song “God Bless America.”

The choir will be joined by Mikhail Turetsky’s Soprano Art Group, a woman's group that features a unique, interactive audience performance. The group combines female singing voices from the highest (soprano) to the lowest (mezzo). Each soloist has her own singing style, from academic to folk and pop-jazz.  The artists not only sing but also play different musical instruments (violin, saxophone, keyboards). The group also sings a Capella and with instrumental accompaniment (piano, guitar, drums).

According to Mikhail Turetsky, the show’s repertoire is “A newly conceptualized, multi-genre performance that blends elements of theater and opera in a brilliant interpretation of melodies performed in a variety of styles, in ten different languages, and sung by incredible voices!”


May 12, 2018, at 4 p.m.

Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Park

20 Battery Place, New York, NY 10280

Gates open early, but the event is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

The show is appropriate for any age.

Free admission!


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