Zloadr Launches AirDrop API for the Cryptocurrency Developer Community

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LONDON – 09-09-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — Zloadr is pleased to announce the launch of it’s new AirDrop Cryptocurrency API. The new AirDrop API will provide data on upcoming, past and present AirDrops. The API is aimed at developers who design powerful new apps, that require affordable listing data integrations. 

The enhanced functionality of the new API will offer developers the opportunity to integrate cryptocurrencies participating in this new method of token distribution (AirDrop) into their projects, using data such as launch dates, filters, tickers, distribution stats and a wealth of related data. With a professional set out structure, the API can be used to build anything from Airdrop listing platforms, portfolios and investment models incorporating a wide variety of analytical data. The AirDrop API also provides a great enhancement to the functionality of the existing Zloadr platform, and is a timely response to the ever-increasing needs of application developers. Zloadr Founder, Sam Enrico Williams says: “The broad range of innovative solutions the Airdrop API includes, is far beyond the offerings of other providers of similar APIs. Our API provides vital information and data for our users who are interested in participate in an AirDrop, who need to be fully informed with the latest data on the legal position of a token/coin.” He further goes on to say: “Developers can use the AirDrop API to create assessment and ranking models for end-users across selected AirDrop tokens to determine their viability. The extensive data sets offered by the API also provide users with clear insights into the history and behaviour of any previous crypto related assets. Data from the API can easily be streamed into an app and visualised with dynamically generated charts.”Zloadr is offering a tiered system of monthly plans for the Cryptocurrency AirDrop API, with a free introductory package for beginners, and paid options for developers at a personal, standard or professional rate, from $79 to $699. Customised enterprise plans are also offered, which include options for dedicated infrastructure, enterprise assistance, CSV exports and other custom features.An API key is the first step to enjoying the benefits of this outstanding new API. Developers can get started straight away with just an email address and ETH cryptocurrency wallet, so that transfers and payments can be effected in Zloadr’s own ZDR cryptocurrency.

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